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    Whether you want to loose some weight, find food intolances or want to improve your overal health. In the personalized sessions we will work on improving your health through Kinesiology, Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Healing.


    Health is about balance on physical, emotionall and spiritual wellbeing.





    The healing was a turning point for me. It was a relief to get a lot of the stucked emotions out. During the healing I saw my self lonely and driven far beyond my boundaries during the last year - year and a half. I did it all out of love an responsability for my children, a man I fell in love with and my former organisation. I chose everything with open eyes, knowing it was challenging for me. It was also a painful year with difficult goodbyes. Goodbye to a man that actually didn't deserve me, goodbye to an organisation where a greedy manager put fear in really competent employees - and also goodbye to two strong knees. Most importantly though, the whole period made me a closer and stronger connection with my two beautiful children. But it has been difficult for them to se me suffer and struggle with my life. Life. So it is sometimes. A struggle.


    I realized that I had neglected my self to much. Daring my self to much. Forgot caring enough for my self.


    When you had left the room after the healing, I stood up and looked my self in the mirror. For the first time in many years I really saw my self. I saw my soul. I saw my vulnerability and my strength. Then I cried again. Said sorry to my self and forgave my self for crossing my own boundaries and promised my self to take care of me and my heart. Set boundaries. Respectfully treat my self and my surroundings with good boundaries.


    You opened the door to my soul. You made me see my self again. It was a secure base there in the room with you and I thank you again for your present in the moment. You are very competent of what you do and you have a nice and strong carisma. I hope you will keep on doing what you do.