Living with the Moon




  • The art of living with the Moon


    There’s always been something quite mystical about the moon for me. Looking up into its wondrous glow, and marvelling at its ever-changing form, I’ve always been drawn to its power. What power that was, I wasn’t quite sure … but there was something there.

    I’m not alone. Since the dawn of time, humans have wondered if the moon pulls at us with something more than just its beautiful light. If the moon pulls on the Earth’s tides and gravity, then surely it also “pulls” on us? We are, after all, 65 per cent water.

    The moon’s power goes beyond just affecting our moods and personal cycles. The changing phases of the moon can also help you set goals, create more abundance and connect more deeply with your own inner wisdom.

    When you consider that we are all pulled and affected by Earth’s rotations and gravity, it becomes quite obvious that we, too, move in and out of cycles. Ancient wisdoms and cultures knew this: they would use the moon to farm, to conceive, to celebrate milestones. If we, in our modern times, can start to tune ourselves back in to the same cycle of time — the yin and yang of time — we can become co-creators of our lives. And learn a lot about ourselves in the process.



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