Path of the Heart


  • If you don´t find me within you, you will never find me, for I have been with you from the beginning of me

    Being connected to the Source. Listening to ancient wisdom. Remembering where you come from. Recognizing the beauty in everything and being able to enjoy it daily and share it ... Tune in and rediscover yourself! On a completely different level, more natural and fuller at the same time, more authentic and more connected at the same time.

    But fuller and connected on a different level. A level that fits better and causes less noise but shows an enormous richness. Especially in these times where we easily feel disconnected and often discouraged by the circumstances the world is in at this moment.

    Everything comes at the right time and so does this course: The Path of the Heart!

    In this course, which you can also join as separate lessons, you will learn to feel, recognize and use this connection with the Source and use it to heal yourself. You learn to recognize the different voices in order to distinguish where your information comes from. The techniques and information that are used come from Sufism and I see tremendous results in how people find answers, feel happiness, trust and experience the Source in everything. Time has come for those who want to remember and become aware of the Source again. The lessons consist of a short inspiring story, ancient wisdom and some theory followed by the exercise in which you learn to tune in to the Source and the Source shows you the way to where there still are veils in order to reach an ever deeper connection from your heart to the Source. Once you feel that connection, you will find yourself getting deeper and deeper into the cause of that which caused the veil and when you learn the lessonthat is in it, it can be healed. The more we learn about our veils and heal them, the deeper the connection we experience with everything there is. The visible and the invisible. This connection gives the most rich feeling you can experience I think. You discover even more qualities of yourself and you also experience where you can still grow. Let the Source surprise you! Some of the subjects we will look at are: Accepting abundance, unworthyness, fear, loneliness.


    Join a free lesson on Tuesday 10th of november at 20.00 through Skype.

    The course starts at Tuesday 17th at 20.00 through Skype, 8 sessions, 226€

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